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Matt Cutts Blog Hacked?
1 April 2007, greg @ 11:39 pm

I just happened to travel over to Matt Cutt’s blog and found this image. Real hacking here or just a great April Fools joke? Time will tell.

Matt Cutt's Blog Hacked? Is Down!
21 August 2006, greg @ 1:30 pm

I just went to and it is down! Hard to believe but it is true. Check out the image of my browser below. Down

GoDaddy hosting customers victim to massive hack
2 June 2006, greg @ 3:37 pm

From George Ou’s blog…”Earlier this week I blogged about the case of Turkish hackers defacing a record number of websites. 38,500 sites were defaced in a single day by hacker iSKORPiTX who used an automated mechanism to attack what appeared to be an exploit in a sloppy implementation of ASP code” Read more…

Why do large companies not have the guts to tell the truth about such things? Did you Godaddy hosted website get hacked? If so, what was their response??

Technical glitch causes CAN-Spam problems for
17 May 2006, greg @ 6:20 am

“Online jewelry retailer has agreed to pay $6,500 in civil penalties for alleged violations of the CAN-Spam Act, under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. CEO Shmuel Gniwich attributed the violations to a technical glitch arising when the retailer switched to a new e-mail system.” Read More…

All of us etailers should pay attention to this one as it looks like the some courts are taking the CAN-Spam Act very seriously. Of course, as many have predicted, CAN-Spam has done nothing to curb the amount of real spam that gets pumped into our mail boxes each day. We have 103 spam emails processed by our email system in the last 10 hours. For a small company like ours, that is alot of junk mail.

How is spam affecting your computers/company?

27 October 2005, greg @ 8:47 pm

We received an interesting number of SPAM emails from a supposed organization trying to stop SPAM. They actually had me for a minute until I determined they were a bogus research organization trying to develop their database of emails and other information.

Did anybody else get this SPAM?