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Vonage Technical Support Stinks (or sucks)
20 April 2005, greg @ 12:45 pm

I have been ruminating lately about the state of a Vonage Support call we have had open since September 2004. In short Vonage technical support really stinks. My interest in newer technologies like VOIP are very keen and we save a considerable amount of money over conventional landlines but this issue has given me cold feet. Especially since it has affected our Fireplace Screens & Patio Heater business and therefore our income.

The technical issue has todo with the Vonage voicemail system. The problem we are experiencing is customers will attempt to leave a voicemail on the system and they will almost immediately hear a beep indicating they are out of time. Other times customers hear the voicemail system telling them they have 10 seconds to leave a message. At times the outgoing message is also garbled.

We have deduced the problem only occurs when customers call our Vonage Toll Free number. The response from Vonage tech support was less than stellar as you can see in the excerpt below.

“At this point it looks like this issue could be caused by the calling carrier maybe due to a bad connection.”

So their voicemail system problems are caused by a bad connection? What a bunch of baloney. There can’t be that many bad connections from all points across the country. It is unbelievable the VOIP market leader doesn’t have better engineers under their roof.

At one point in the early September 2004 I was prepared to purchase additional lines of service from Vonage. Good thing I didn’t.

Anybody else out there having the same problems? Send me an email. I am also open to considering other VOIP providers.