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Microsoft Withdraws Bid for Yahoo
5 May 2008, greg @ 9:44 am

Microsoft said Saturday that it was abandoning its blockbuster bid to acquire Yahoo! after it raised its offer by $5 billion but Yahoo rejected it as still too low.”

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Friends tell me MS will be banging on the door again later in the year. If Yahoo! management doesn’t get their game together, they will not be able to defend themselves against this a second time.

What are your thoughts?

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Internet retailer sues Yahoo for $1 million
21 April 2008, greg @ 10:28 am

“Online retailer is suing Yahoo Inc.
for $1 million, alleging that it was overcharged nearly that amount
because it was the victim of click fraud, according to court documents.”

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Depending on the outcome, this case could have far-reaching implications. It is my belief click fraud is still rampant and something needs to be done to get it under control.

Agree, disagree??

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Suit Alleges Yahoo Spyware Fraud, Earnings Conspiracy
5 May 2006, greg @ 1:44 pm

“A class-action lawsuit was filed Monday against Yahoo and unnamed third-parties, accusing them of “syndication fraud” against advertisers who pay Yahoo to display their ads on search results and on partner sites, reports Brian Krebs on the Washington Post’s Security Fix blog” Read more…

Yet another reason to be very, very concerned about the $$ you spend on PPC Advertising.

Your thoughts???

Starting a Yahoo Business For Dummies
1 April 2006, greg @ 10:12 am

Here is a new book written by our friend Rob Snell. We are eagerly anticipating receiving our copy of “Starting a Yahoo Business For Dummies“. Rob has taken many stores from $0 to well over a million in annual sales, so he knows what he is talking about. Rob had shared many, many tidbits of his knowledge and experience with us over the years and we are extremely grateful for that.

If you are the owner of a Yahoo! Store, you need to buy this book.

If you have read Rob’s book, tell me what you think of it.