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Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device
27 March 2008, greg @ 7:45 am

Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is temporarily sold out. We are working hard to manufacture Kindles as quickly as possible and are prioritizing orders on a first come, first served basis.”

Doubtful this availability issue for’s Kindle product is news to too many folks. What I don’t get is why is this device hot? It is an interesting use of technology but most folks I know still prefer to hold a book in their hands when they read it. Guess maybe that part of my brain is forever anchored to the analog world.

What are your thoughts? Would you seriously consider purchasing this device for $400?

Dell accepts date with AMD!
18 May 2006, greg @ 9:27 pm

“Dell has agreed to use Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron chip in multiprocessor servers by the end of the year, ending a long-standing policy of sticking exclusively with Intel.” Read more…

It had to happen sooner or later what with AMD beating the snot out of Intel in the multi-core arena for nearly three years now. I have made it no secret that I really like AMD. The biggest reason being they have superior technology at a great price. I also really like Dell for pretty much the same reason. Now as soon as they have AMD powered desktop machines they will get our desktop business as well.

What about you. Does this announcement affect your server purchase decisions?